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High-quality Sealed Gear Pumps and Magnetic-drive Gear Pumps


   >> Ideal for Low-flow and High-pressure applications.

     >> A preferred choice of pumping methods, Seals & Mag-drives gear pumps.

       >> With Long-Coupled and Close-Coupled, as well as rich accessories for options.


>> SD-3,  SE-H,  SH-S  Series <<





High-quality Low-flow Magnetic-drive Gear Pumps


      >> Ideal for Low-flow and High-pressure applications.


>> SA-1  Series <<





High-quality Low-flow Magnetic-drive Gear Pumps


      >> Pulseless Flow and High Flow Accuracies


>> SB-2, SC-4  Series <<





High-pressure Wide-flow Sealed & Mag-drive Gear Pumps



      >> Ideal for Low-flow and High-pressure applications.


>> Heavy-duty Constructions.


>> Rich Materials Available.



>> SF-M  Series <<





PFA-Lined Magnetic-drive

Gear Pumps



      >> No Wetted Metal Components



>> High-quality PFA-Lined SS Housings




>> SG-P  Series <<





High-quality Gear Pumps

SHEAGE is the leading manufacturer of the high-quality Gear Pumps for the chemical industry, polymers, acids and solvents, tobacco processing, paper and pulp, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and dairy industrials. SHEAGE pumps is the good choice to transport different media including metering, circulation, transferring and injection, which are available both as standard solutions and custom designs. Our pumps and all its parts can be produced in different materials such as 316L Stainless Steel, Alloy-C, Titanium and etc., offering a large selection of corrosion-resistant internal materials and multiple sealing options, including mechanical-seals and magnetic-drives gear pumps, SHEAGE high-quality Sealed Gear Pumps and Mag-drive Gear Pumps offer our customers the greatest possible flexibility and reliability.

SHEAGE is the leading manufacturer of gear pumps and systems, but also offers a comprehensive service package for all things related to gear pumps.


We are a rich technology and development partner for many renowned companies from the chemical and fluid industries and applications.


Whether pump maintenance or spare parts, alteration or replacement, personnel training or troubleshooting on site: we are always there for our customers providing know how and comprehensive expertise as well as the better technical supports and communication.


SHEAGE aims at the global market, our gear pumps is welcomed by our partners and customers all over the world including Europe, China and Asia, USA, etc., depending rich experiences and advanced technical innovation and strict quality management control system.